Do Corals Need Food?

Do Corals Need Food?

Do Corals Need Food?

No, the majority of corals do not need food to live and survive. They will subsist entirely on photosynthesis from your aquarium lights. This doesn't include NPS corals which is a different matter for another article. Notice I said "live and survive" though; thriving is a different matter entirely.  If you want your corals to be the best they can be, feeding is recommended.

How often should I feed my corals?

There is no set in stone answer here. Every aquarium is different and what works in one persons aquarium may not work exactly the same in yours. General consensus is a couple times a week. We typically feed ours every 2-3 days and have seen good results especially in harder to keep corals like Goniopora.

What should I feed?

You might have noticed there are many different options out

there to choose from.  While I'm not going to knock any products at all, we prefer to use Coral Frenzy and have been doing so for well over a year with no looking back. We do not produce Coral Frenzy but you can click this image to purchase it which does help us keep things running and we always appreciate it! 
There is a powdered version and a pellet version.  We use both depending on the coral. Over all coral seems healthier with more polyp extension and brighter more vivid coral coloration which is why we continue to use it.


Are there any risks?

The only risk we've seen is that you need to watch your nutrient levels. With Coral Feast we haven't noticed any major changes in nitrates or phosphates but it is still a common occurrence with any food you put in the tank, including whatever you feed your fish with.  A good habit is to pay attention to your nutrient levels and adjust accordingly. Many people stop testing after weeks or longer of all the levels remaining stable and have it bite them in the butt on that one rare day.  Like with most things in your reef aquarium, pay attention and don't get complacent.


In conclusion food is good for corals! If you want the best growth and coral coloration you can get, then it is worth adding into your weekly regimen. Pay attention to your aquarium inhabitants as well as your nutrient levels and adjust feeding as needed.
Wishing everyone the healthiest corals and happy reefing!

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